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Tween Book Recommendations That Don’t Suck

Is it me, or has the book selection for tween readers gotten really good since we were kids? When I was growing up, the genre pickings were slim. You made a huge leap from kid books to adult books kind of quick. There are some classics, like “Hail, Hail Camp Timberwood,” The Little House series, and […]

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Tile Bluetooth Tracker Review: Find my Keys!

Enjoy this Tile Bluetooth Tracker review. AT&T Wireless was kind enough to give me a one to try out and talk about. Thank you!
Can you find my keys?
There was an event in our lives back in 2008 I like to call The Great Key Incident. We went to a Christmas tree farm, happy little family that we are, to pick out and […]

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Read Watch Listen Ignore

It’s been a long time! I’m finding my will to blog again. I find such interesting (and sometimes horrifying) things on the internet, I decided just to share it all in one place. Hence, I bring you:
Read Watch Listen Ignore
There’s just so much to ignore I wasn’t sure where to start. But I zeroed in on something. […]

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Trends I Don’t Get and Won’t Touch

Trends I Won’t Touch.
I’m noticing as I age, I’m better able to assess the rank stupidity of fashion and beauty trends. Follow along:

1. Face contouring. I’m not drawing various shades of brown and beige clown makeup on my face, then “blending” it in. I have 10 minutes in the morning, TOPS. The world is just […]

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Review time! Battery Pack Jump Starter. Yes, Really.

As long as we’re on the subject of cars and tech goodness for them, I was ALSO able to try and review the Cobra JumPack – a battery pack jump starter. I was really interested in this product because if you’re ever stuck on the road with a dead battery, you wouldn’t have to depend on anyone else […]

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Teaching My Old Car New Tech Tricks

At the end of January, I attended a event hosted by AT&T Wireless all about Connected Cars. It was awesome. Afterward, I got in my old 2003 SUV and thought, “blah.” I think it’s time for my old SUV, that we call “Beastie,” to learn a few new tech tricks. Here’s what I got to […]

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Remembering the Pain of Postpartum Depression

Remembering Postpartum Depression
We were digging through a drawer looking for something in our bedroom this weekend, and underneath the junk in the junk drawer, a piece of paper with my handwriting on it caught my eye. I didn’t recognize the paper at first, so I couldn’t remember how it got there or what was written […]

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Last Minute Gifts for the Chronically Behind: Part One

Is it me, or did this Christmas sneak up on you, too? I swear, yesterday was Halloween. Capt and I have been furiously texting back and forth on what to get the family, and it occurred to me that a few of these might be really handy for YOU, too. So, here’s a two post run down […]

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What’s a Sinsta and Why Should You Care?

Girl Child came to me the other day and asked if she could get a “Sinsta.” I thought, “What the hell is a Sinsta?”
The Current Social Media Rules
She doesn’t get an account without permission from me. End of story. No exceptions. Yes, EVEN IF she already has an account on the social media platform in […]

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LG Wireless Tone Headphones REVIEW: Back To School with Bluetooth

AT&T Wireless was kind enough to give me a pair of LG Wireless Tone headphones for review. Thank you, Andy Colley (@AndythePRguy) 
Bluetooth and Back To School
I’ve always looked at Bluetooth headphones and wondered how they would work, if I could run with them, and if they might be helpful for Girl Child in her school […]

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