What’s a Sinsta and Why Should You Care?

Girl Child came to me the other day and asked if she could get a “Sinsta.” I thought, “What the hell is a Sinsta?”
The Current Social Media Rules
She doesn’t get an account without permission from me. End of story. No exceptions. Yes, EVEN IF she already has an account on the social media platform in […]

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LG Wireless Tone Headphones REVIEW: Back To School with Bluetooth

AT&T Wireless was kind enough to give me a pair of LG Wireless Tone headphones for review. Thank you, Andy Colley (@AndythePRguy) 
Bluetooth and Back To School
I’ve always looked at Bluetooth headphones and wondered how they would work, if I could run with them, and if they might be helpful for Girl Child in her school […]

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The Shift

When our daughter was born and we discovered she had a craniofacial birth defect, it was earth shifting. Everything I knew and thought I knew changed. I recall not truly realizing what it meant. She was born without an ear canal or outer ear, a craniofacial birth defect called Atresia/Microtia. What is this? What does this mean?

The […]

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The Pencil Test: Conversations With Girl Child

Girl came to me recently and said, “Mom, I don’t think I’m fit.” My jaw dropped. She is an active, healthy, average 12 year old.

“Why don’t you think you’re fit?”

“Because I did the Pencil Test.”

The Pencil Test
What’s the pencil test? I won’t go into to detail because I want to respect my child’s boundaries – if you […]

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Growing Up Girl Child: My First Instagram Account

I finally gave in. Yep. Girl Child is now the proud owner of her very first instagram account. Seeing as she’s in seventh grade, SubHub and I second guessed ourselves on this one quite a bit.
And So It Begins
Instagram? We’re in new parenting territory. I made the decision when I started blogging in 2007 that I […]

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Growing Up Girl Child: Mood Swings

Mood Swings. The Bain Of Our Existence.
Ah, mood swings. A female rite of passage. One minute you’re fine, the next minute, you’re bawling for no apparent reason. It feels weird to be crying for no reason, so you make one up. That way you appear less insane.

This happened a few mornings ago. She poured herself some cereal […]

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Growing Up Girl Child: Body Image

“Media Literacy” is a buzz term around OpEd pieces that discuss the raising of girls. I’ve been watching and learning about it for a few years now, lying in wait for the day that Girl Child begins to turn inward and worry about things like her looks, what she’s wearing, when she’ll be developing, etc. […]

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Growing Up Girl Child: Let’s Talk Dating Violence

Last time we discussed When Should I Start Dating? I think this naturally lends itself to “What Should I Do If Dating Goes Wrong?”

Increasingly, studies are showing that dating violence happens to 1 in 10 girls when they are in high school. HIGH SCHOOL. Ugh. Efforts are being made to introduce the subject earlier, before dating […]

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Mission Growing Up Girl Child (Part 1)

Girl Child has reached an age where her emotional and mental maturity are starting to come together. And then you know what happens? Hormones. That’s what.

We are keeping an eye on what we think she is ready to hear and know about, and what she isn’t. This is harder than it sounds. We’re pretty open […]

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