Read Watch Listen Ignore

Read Watch Listen Ignore

It’s been a long time! I’m finding my will to blog again. I find such interesting (and sometimes horrifying) things on the internet, I decided just to share it all in one place. Hence, I bring you:
Read Watch Listen Ignore
There’s just so much to ignore I wasn’t sure where to start. But I zeroed in on something. […]

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Read Watch Listen Download

Volume Two! I decided to take the high road and not advise you on what to ignore. I trust you’re able to figure it out on your own (*ahem*Kardashian*AHEM*)

So, without further ado:
Read Watch Listen Download No. 2
Praise Won’t Make Your Kid A Narcissist, But THIS Will – Several articles have been published lately discussing the results of a […]

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Read Watch Listen Ignore: No. 1

I think humans are bombarded with images and information all day every day. So much so, it’s really tough to filter what’s worth reading, and what you can safely ignore without any negative repercussions. I’m here to help.
Read Watch Listen Ignore: No. 1
Would You Call 911 On Another Parent? – This whole “kids can never ever be […]

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