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Beyond Words Life.

Hi. I’m the blogger you used to know as “Submommy.” I wrote a blog for many years called “Random Thoughts From A Suburban Mom,” but I decided it was time for a change. Welcome!




I am a wife to one, mother to two, a daughter, sister, and a friend. I have been a lifelong journal keeper, so writing has always been in my life. I began a blog in 2007, and haven’t stopped writing online since. In addition to personal blogging, I also write content and manage social media for small businesses. My business is called Beyond Words Media. (Here ends the shameless plug portion of this About Me page) We live in the Portland, Oregon area of the United States.


And now:

The Family:


The man. The One.

The man. The One.

The love of my life. Puts up with my slight crazy. Loves me anyway. Win. I call him Capt. on the blog because he’s a Star Trek fan. Not a crazy, “I can speak Klingon” fan, but he digs it.

Girl Child:

atresia microtia tween

Girl Child today: happy, healthy, strong.

She’s the person who made me a Mom with a capital M.

Boy Child:

No sense of humor, can you tell?

No sense of humor, can you tell?

He’s the person whose love of life spills out all over us.

Join me on my mid-life adventures in living.

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