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read watch listen ignoreIt’s been a long time! I’m finding my will to blog again. I find such interesting (and sometimes horrifying) things on the internet, I decided just to share it all in one place. Hence, I bring you:

Read Watch Listen Ignore

There’s just so much to ignore I wasn’t sure where to start. But I zeroed in on something. You’re welcome.


7 Times You Should Just Say Thank You

How many times have you said “I’m sorry” instead of “thank you?” “I’m sorry” is a reflex for a lot of women. We’re taught to be self-deprecating, minimizing compliments, etc. What if, when someone tells us they like our sweater, we say “thank you” instead of “Oh, this old thing?” This author makes a really strong point about not deflecting praise. Read the point he makes about what to say when you run late. (Hint: it’s not “I’m sorry.” *I KNOW*) Oh, and when you’re comforting, guess what not to say? (HINT: “he’s in a better place,” or “At least _____” <— Big fat no)


John Oliver keeps hitting every single thing he chooses to deconstruct out of the park. I loved this piece on credit reporting. (*runs off to check our reports….)


Barns Courtney, Fire. Ooh this is a good song. He looks like a teenager, so that means I could easily be his mom, but whatever. That’s something I have to get used to. In my brain I’m perpetually about 27. Sadly, I am not. Anyway, this kid’s fantastic. Take a listen:



Anything that comes out of this woman’s mouth. Forever